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Educational insights to help guide your marketing and sales initiatives

The Concentrek team is pleased to share our insights into how we frame strategic planning and the day-to-day tactical execution behind the programs that help our clients succeed. Follow us on our LinkedIn channel to gain real-time access to this content as it’s published.   


With more than one billion active accounts, Instagram offers excellent opportunities for brands of all sizes to reach their target audiences. Learn more about optimizing for this platform with the latest insights from industry experts. 

  • Social Media + Content Marketing

Our team prioritizes staying on top of the latest trends in LinkedIn marketing so that we can best support our clients. Discover the key insights about growing your paid and organic presences on LinkedIn that we learned at this year’s Social Media Workshops presented by Social Media Examiner.

  • Social Media + Content Marketing

Native advertising seamlessly blends with page content, which creates a less intrusive user experience for your target audience. If you haven’t invested in this valuable ad type, you could be missing out on growth opportunities for your business.

  • Paid Media Planning + Management
  • Social Media + Content Marketing
  • Digital Advertising

As the second-most-used search engine, YouTube offers targeted audience experiences with a variety of users ready to learn about your business. Are you fully optimizing your presence on YouTube to generate leads, increase sales and promote your brand, though?

  • Social Media + Content Marketing