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Educational insights to help guide your marketing and sales initiatives

The Concentrek team is pleased to share our insights into how we frame strategic planning and the day-to-day tactical execution behind the programs that help our clients succeed. Follow us on our LinkedIn channel to gain real-time access to this content as it’s published.   

November 20, 2020

Social media is an ever-changing environment that requires marketing teams to stay informed on the latest trends and adjust their strategies accordingly. Discover which key trends should be prioritized in 2021 and how your team can best integrate them into its social marketing plan.

  • Social Media + Content Marketing
November 18, 2020

As the top B2B social media platform for lead generation and brand promotion, LinkedIn offers a strong growth opportunity for brands—but how do you grow your Page’s reach? Employee advocacy is key. Discover how to enhance your employee advocacy and build your brand’s Page.

  • Social Media + Content Marketing
October 30, 2020

If your marketing team is overwhelmed by metrics analysis, we can guide you in understanding the significance of certain metrics—and how continuous metrics analysis will help to grow your business.

  • Social Media + Content Marketing
  • Website Design + Development
  • Digital Advertising
October 16, 2020

Concentrek is continually focused on growth and evolution. Learn more about our updated website presence, as well as why we dropped "Group" from our name.

  • Identity + Branding