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Educational insights to help guide your marketing and sales initiatives

The Concentrek team is pleased to share our insights into how we frame strategic planning and the day-to-day tactical execution behind the programs that help our clients succeed. Follow us on our LinkedIn channel to gain real-time access to this content as it’s published.   

October 16, 2020

Concentrek is continually focused on growth and evolution. Learn more about our updated website presence, as well as why we dropped "Group" from our name.

  • Identity + Branding
September 24, 2020

Emphasizing accessibility during the development or redevelopment of your website is a key component of creating a unified experience for all users. Let our team help you better understand what website accessibility means and how you can establish an accessible website.

  • Website Design + Development
August 3, 2020

Account-based marketing is a strategy used to streamline your marketing and sales teams and create custom experiences for high-value accounts. Allow us to help guide you in understanding what you should know about account-based marketing and how to strategically implement it into your business.

  • Strategic Thinking
July 15, 2020

Ready to take your company’s LinkedIn presence to the next level? Learn the best practices for optimizing your Page—and professionally networking within your industry.

  • Social Media + Content Marketing