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Educational insights to help guide your marketing and sales initiatives

The Concentrek team is pleased to share our insights into how we frame strategic planning and the day-to-day tactical execution behind the programs that help our clients succeed. Follow us on our LinkedIn channel to gain real-time access to this content as it’s published.   

June 8, 2020

Understanding what remarketing is and how to implement it correctly into your marketing strategy can help improve your conversion rates and increase brand awareness. We can help you learn more about remarketing and how you can successfully leverage it in your upcoming campaigns.

  • Website Design + Development
  • Digital Advertising
May 14, 2020

Customer relationship management is a data-driven approach to improve your business by tracking customer interactions, leads and sales and utilizing that data to enhance your marketing and sales tactics. Discover how a customer relationship management system can help your business achieve its goals.

  • Strategic Thinking
May 7, 2020

Marketing through a crisis can mean trying to support revenue growth with a diminished team and budget. Despite the limitations, it’s possible—and also necessary—to maintain communication with your audiences and determine ways to adjust your strategy in the short-term. Looking to better understand how to effectively market during a global crisis? Let us help.

  • Identity + Branding
  • Strategic Thinking
March 23, 2020

Adjusting to working remotely can be challenging. Fortunately, the team at Concentrek is familiar with maintaining a productive work schedule from a variety of workspace setups, including fully remote ones. Take a look to discover how to best adjust to your new work setup.

  • Strategic Thinking